Monday, November 5, 2007

Questions for the Students

In order to provide accurate testimonials on our website, we need to ask the students detailed questions to capture memorable stories or statements that will encourage donations. Some sample questions that we may ask could be:

-What is your favorite class, and what is something about that class that you particularly enjoy?

-What are your plans for the future? If you had not attended this school, how do you think your future may have differed?

-Has attending this school changed the way you view the world and other cultures?

-Do you have close friends that you attend school with? What do you and your friends like to do in your free time?

-Do you enjoy using computers? What is your favorite thing about computers, and how have they helped you to learn?

-Do you have a favorite teacher? What is something special they have done to help you learn?

-(for students staying in the dormitory) Have you enjoyed living in the dormitory? Do you have any special memories to share?

-Can you tell us one special memory, or your all-time favorite event that has happened at the school since you have been a student?

Questions for Client

If our Web design is chosen for the project, there are lots of questions that should be answered before a finished product can be created.

1- How can we get a few students to write their "testimonials" or success stories? We feel this would be an effective way to show the importance of the Foundation. We would also need a picture of the students.

2-What teachers or administrators would you like to feature on the page about the school? Can you provide us with the content of this page?

3- What specific information would you like to include on each page? School Information, Events, Why Haiti Needs Help, How I Can Help...

4- Would you like to include an FAQ page, and if so, what are some questions the Foundation is consistently asked?

These are the main questions that our group has for our client. However, as the specifics are mapped out, we're sure additional ones will come up as well.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Proposal Update 10/28

Tomorrow Bridging the Gap will be submitting our website proposal to the American Haitian Foundation for approval. We have worked very hard on this proposal, and we think that we have created some novel and exciting ways to help the Foundation spread information about its cause and gain monetary donations. We look forward to hearing from the Foundation with its response to the website ideas and moving forward with the website construction.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Project Update 10/7/2007

This week, our group will begin meeting to start development of the proposal. We will be discussing our plans and collaborate our ideas on the project. Thus far we have been individually brainstorming ideas, and this week will be formally outlining our ideas for the website and the direction of the proposal. Next week's post will contain our basic ideas for the website and further delegation of tasks.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Project Update 9/30/2007

After meeting with our client last Monday and getting a deeper understanding of the project, our group has begun to formulate ideas for the proposal. We would like to create an easy to use and simple website that is informative. The main goal of the website is to generate donations and create interest in the work done by the American Haitian Foundation. The website should be simple, yet effective, because the foundation is more about its work than a flashy appearance. We also feel there is tremendous value in highlighting the children of the school because they are the ultimate testament to the good works of the foundation.

Our group has begun formulating ideas and will begin meeting outside of class next week.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Project Update 9/23/2007

On Friday, our group met to prepare for our client meeting on September 24th. We discussed pertinent information to ask the client at the meeting, and we researched the region of Haiti for a better understanding of the project. We are looking forward to meeting the Dr. Young of the American Haitian Foundation on Monday!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Project Update 9/13/2007

Our group, Bridging the Gap, will be undertaking a project to design and propose a website for the American Haitian Foundation. This blog will serve as a public relations mechanism to update the American Haitian Foundation on progress made on the project. After each meeting, the blog will be updated with pertinent information concerning the project and the proposal. We hope that this will create an open venue of communication between our group and the Foundation because it is our ultimate goal to meet the client's need of an effective website.

Please feel free to contact us by leaving a comment on the blog, and our Public Relations director, Stefanie, will respond promptly.